VG30DE 90-97 300ZX

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The first quad cam 24 valve VG30DE engine was developed for the 1985 MID4 concept. The 2,960 cc (3.0 L) VG30DE produces 190 to 222 hp (142 to 166 kW) and 198 lb⋅ft (268 N⋅m). Bore and stroke is 87 mm × 83 mm (3.43 in × 3.27 in). Original Japanese market units claimed 185 PS (136 kW).[1] There are two versions of the VG30DE. The first was introduced in 1986 on the Japanese 300ZR (Z31) and Nissan Leopard F31, and was never sold in North America. The VG30DE has two throttle bodies facing the front of the vehicle (Nissan 300ZX and Fairlady Z) or two throttle bodies to the left (sedans and 300ZR). It was also installed with NVCS, an early form of variable valve timing.